26 January 2017

Royal Scandal (Royals in Exile, #1) Marquita Valentine

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Loveswept
Published: 24th January 2017
Pages: 220
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance,
Main Characters: Della, Colin
Date Read: 21st November - 24th November 2016

Rating Given:


Fairy tales do come true—and so do tabloid scandals! Bestselling author Marquita Valentine kicks off a juicy contemporary romance series with a novel about a prince whose best-laid plans go deliciously awry when he marries the maid next door.Forced to flee to the United States with his siblings after their parents’ assassination, Crown Prince Colin Sinclair takes it upon himself to become the caretaker of his family while hiding out near Charlotte, North Carolina. But after a decade in hiding, the secret’s out and Parliament demands that Colin wed a princess of their choosing. Unwilling to play their game, Colin decides to marry an American instead, and he has the perfect candidate in mind.
As a home-service professional, Della Hughes doesn’t believe in storybook endings. But when her best friend and secret crush reveals that he’s a flesh-and-blood prince, she doesn’t know what to think. Still, she’ll do anything for Colin, including becoming his wife—in name only, of course. But when their plans to stay purely platonic go by the wayside, their fake honeymoon turns all too real. After a week of white-hot nights, Della can no longer deny her feelings—not with a happily ever after so tantalizingly close.

I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I actually like this cover which I think has something to do with the way it looks different to other covers and it looks colourful which is what caught my eye. I'm not sure it's in keeping with the actual story but in this case I'm not sure that I mind.

To be honest it's been awhile since I've read this and only now getting around to reviewing it, I seem to have forgotten what I liked and disliked about it and I only know what I rating I gave the book was because I always rate books straight away. I'm glad that I read the synopsis again (as I don't usually) as it did remind me about the book. Don't let me forgetting about the book put you off as with me giving the book 4/5 stars obviously meant I enjoyed at the time it's just that I've slept since reading the book and I can't remember everything I've read. I do remember that I enjoyed the concept of the story as I haven't read many royal based books so it did make a nice change. I have been reminded that it was a cute read but not as much scandal as what I would've liked.

Overall, I wish I could remember more about the book but what I can remember I actually liked.

23 January 2017

The Storm by R.J. Prescott Cover Reveal

The Storm
R.J. Prescott
(The Hurricane #3)
Publication date: March 21st 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports
Marie Kelly is a survivor who doesn’t know when to quit. Against all odds, she’s living a life she never dreamed she could have. It was enough… until a stubborn boxer makes her want more.
Irish charmer Kieran Doherty has been a fighter at Driscoll’s Gym for most of his life. He’s been content to let his best friend take the spotlight, now it’s his turn to make a name for himself in the world of heavy weight champions. Falling in love is the one thing he vowed never to do, but meeting Marie changed everything.
It’s easy to imagine a happy-ever-after when the sun is shining. But when the storm comes, and all hope seems lost, they both learn that if you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to fight for it.
Previous books in the series:

Author Bio:
R.J. Prescott was born in Cardiff, South Wales and studied law at the University of Bristol, England. Four weeks before graduation she fell in love with a crazy firefighter and stayed in Bristol. Ten years later she convinced her husband to move back to Cardiff, where they now live with their two sons. Juggling work, writing and family doesn't leave leave a lot of time, but curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate for family movie night is definitely the best part of her week. Her debut book "The Hurricane" is a USA Today Bestselling duet novel concluded in "The Aftermath".


16 January 2017

For Better or Worse (The Wedding Belles, #2) by Lauren Layne

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Format: Paperback
Publishers: Headline Eternal
Published: 30th August 2016
Pages: 368
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Heather, Josh
Date Read: 7th November - 17th November 2016

Rating Given:


When small-town girl Heather Fowler finally gets promoted from assistant to actual wedding planner, she's determined to make it as one of Manhattan's elite Wedding Belles. Unfortunately, her first client demands an opulent black-tie affair at the Plaza...in five months' time. Heather's days quickly become a flurry of cake tastings, dress-fittings, RSVP cards, and bridal tantrums. But what she's really losing sleep over is the live music blaring from her playboy neighbor's apartment all night.

Five years ago, Josh Tanner was an up-and-comer on Wall Street, complete with the penthouse and the migraines. But a grim cancer diagnosis made him realize there is more to life than the corner office. If only he could convince his pretty, workaholic neighbor to let loose, too. As Heather lets down her guard, Josh is surprised when he starts falling for the sweet, vulnerable woman hiding beneath those power suits. Soon, it's Heather's turn to convince Josh to take the biggest risk of all: love.

I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

There's not much difference between this book and the first book so for me there's no improvement but it's a descent looking cover.

I didn't think Lauren Layne could improve on the previous book but this one has definitely done it as it was more enjoyable even if it was ever so slightly. I think what made this book slightly better was the humour as this one seemed to be a lot more funnier than the previous book. There was never a dull moment in this book as not only was it funny it also had a very serious subject matter involved which I actually liked that it was tackled more light hearted. The chemistry between the two main characters was smoking hot and I loved their banter. I loved the ending of this book as I felt it ended perfectly for this book and now I'm very excited to start the last book.

I loved every single character in this book with no one that I disliked. Heather was a great female character who held her own throughout. Josh has to be one of my favourite ever male characters as he was so funny and such a scene stealer. What worked even more with this book was the interaction between Heather and Josh as there was plenty of banter and on top of that they where there for one another which was nice to see.

Overall, I loved every minute of this book and there was not one dull moment, bring on the next book is all I can say.

15 January 2017

Book Review: The Accidental Engagement (Chance Romance, #1) by Maggie Dallen

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Lyrical Press
Published: 24th November 2015
Pages: 156
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Ivy, Daniel,
Date Read: 28th October - 4th November 2016

Rating Given:


It started as a regular night for New York City restaurant hostess Ivy Sinclair, until a rowdy customer turned out to be world famous playboy Jack Everett. Thanks to the paparazzi, now the world thinks they’re a couple—which couldn’t be farther from the truth. But when a brooding, sexy businessman offers her a simply irresistible proposition…Uh oh...
Just when cutthroat venture capitalist Daniel Gladwell thought he’d never close the deal with an Italian conglomerate, a simple mistake becomes the perfect opportunity. All he has to do is convince Ivy to pretend to be Jack’s fiancée while on a business trip to Italy to offset Jack’s bad boy reputation. As long as Daniel doesn’t sabotage the plan by claiming the tempting waitress for himself...Oh yes!
It was supposed to be a business only arrangement. But in the magic of the Tuscan countryside, neither Ivy nor Daniel can fight the attraction building between them. In the world’s most romantic setting, the line between business and pleasure is one that begs to be crossed...

I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I'm not the biggest fan of the cover as I feel it might be a bit too cheesy and I don't feel as though it's in keeping with the novel as I didn't feel as though the book was all that romantic as the cover would suggest.

As soon as I started this book I knew I wasn't going to fall in love with this book and I wasn't wrong, yes there was some moments that I enjoyed but for the most I didn't enjoy it as much as what I thought I would. I didn't quite get the romance between the two main characters Ivy and Daniel as for the most part I didn't like the way he treated her or even those around him. It wasn't until the very end when I saw why she fell for him but for her to have already fallen for a guy like him baffles me. There was a little spark between the two throughout the book but I just didn't want them to be together. I didn't feel as though there was much of a story happening within this book, I just wanted something a little extra to capture my attention. I actually started to warm to this book by the end as I wanted to see what was going to happen next.

I wasn't much of a fan of the two main characters but I did like some of the secondary characters. With Ivy I felt as though she didn't have a backbone and annoyed me to no end and I would find myself rolling my eyes a lot of the time. Daniel has to be one of my least favourite male characters as he was annoying and so pig-headed he just had no redeeming qualities. Jack, the guy that Ivy was blackmailed to be 'engaged' with was the best character in this book and I actually wished he ended up with Ivy.

Overall, I wish this was stronger as it had so much promise but in the end it just didn't do anything for me, but with the next book being about Jack I'm inclined to continue with this series and just hope it's 10 times better than this one.

9 January 2017

Book Review: To Have and to Hold (The Wedding Belles # 1) by Lauren Layne

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Format: Paperback
Publishers: Headline Eternal
Published: 26th July 2016
Pages: 384
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Maya, Seth
Date Read: 4th October - 25th October 2016

Rating Given:

Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in To Have And To Hold, the first sizzling contemporary romance in Lauren Layne's The Wedding Belles series about three ambitious wedding planners who can make any bride's dream come true...but their own. For fans of Jill Shalvis, Julie James and Rachel Gibson.
Discovering her fiance is a con man moments before they exchange vows devastates LA celebrity wedding planner Brooke Baldwin. With a fresh start in New York and her first Wedding Belles bridal client, things are looking up. Until she meets the uptight businessman who's holding the purse strings...
Seth Tyler wishes he could write a blank cheque and be done with his sister Maya's wedding, but micromanaging the event is his only chance at proving that Maya's fiance is a liar. He needs the help of her stunning, sassy wedding planner who he finds both irritating - and undeniably tempting.
Can Seth persuade Brooke to
unplan a wedding? And, more importantly, how will he convince her that the wedding she should be planning...is theirs?

I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I like this cover but it wasn't what drew me to the book as I think it's a little bit too plain but it has everything you need to see in the book on the cover which is why I'm ok with the cover.

I've read a few Lauren Layne books now and even though I have really enjoyed each and everyone of them I still hadn't read a 5/5 (in my opinion) until now. I wasn't sure I was going to like the whole wedding concept of the story as I've read recently an amazing weeding based book so I didn't think anything could get any better but this did and then some. I loved reading every minute of this book there was nothing that stopped me from falling deeper and deeper in love with it. It had everything I could want in a book as it had the romance and it had the humour which is a favourite in any contemporary romance book there was just something magical about this book. The romance between the two main characters sizzled straight off the pages they felt so right for one another. I wasn't sure I was going to like the whole wedding concept of the story as I've read recently an amazing weeding based book so I didn't think anything could get any better but this did and then some. The ending was so sweet and heart warming it's got me excited to read the rest of the series.

I pretty much loved every character in this book. Brooke was a great female character as she didn't want the past to effect her present and even though it did at times, she was still trying and that's different to other female characters I've read about. I felt Brooke was a sweet character and only Seth was able to bring out her darker side which I actually liked as well. Seth I loved from the moment Lauren Layne introduced him even if he was a bit annoying at times I was still able to like him. There was some great secondary characters including Seth's sister and best friend. I also loved the other Belle's and I'm very much looking forward to their stories.

Overall, I adored this book there was nothing that I didn't like about it.