7 August 2016

Book Review: A Fine Mess (Over the Top, #2) by Kelly Siskind

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Forever Yours
Published: 2nd August 2016
Pages: 340
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Lily, Sawyer,
Date Read: 16th July - 22nd July 2016

Rating Given:

Synopsis:Some guys should come with a warning label . . .
Sawyer West is Mr. One-Night Stand. He doesn't do relationships or promises or feelings. He's never cared enough to get involved. Until Lily Roberts. She's sweet and shy and sexy as sin, and resisting her is testing his self-control. She believes Sawyer can be a better man, and for the first time in his life, he wants to be. But change isn't easy, and Sawyer would do anything to protect Lily from his past self. Even break his own heart . . .

I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love this cover it's so cute and romantic plus it helps that it's in black and white which is always a favourite of mine. The hint of colour in the title really sets the whole cover off.

Another book that I was expecting so much more from and then for me it just fell short of what I was expecting. With the first book I was laughing out loud so when I knew that this book had Sawyer who made me laugh so much in the first book, I was even more excited but for some reason I just didn't find him or even very much of the book funny which is what I think disappointed me the most. I didn't believe in the romance for most of the book as I just didn't see how Sawyer could get over all his issues. There was a subject tackled in this book that I haven't seen tackled before so that was nice to see. There was a part of the book during the mid section when I really got into the book so much so I really thought I could end up giving it a lot higher rating but then it descended after they left the holiday. Once they got back I got more and more annoyed with how things where played out especially with Sawyer. I felt that the ending felt a bit too cheesy even for me and I also felt it was all a bit too rushed.

I thought I was going to continue to love the characters from this series however that wasn't the case for this book. Lily was my favourite in this book as she was sweet and had a lot of issues that could've easily gone against her but everything that she did do made me like her all the more. Sawyer was the one annoyed me the most which surprised me but he just did and said things that just annoyed me and I wasn't able to forgive him. I liked seeing more from Shay and Kolton and how they were getting on with each other.

Overall, this one was not as good as the first book but I'm still excited to read the last book in the series though just to see how it the last couple get together.