2 September 2013

BOTM #23

Here's the Books that I read during the month of August:

  • Now or Never by A.J. Bennett - 3/5
  • Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer - 3.5/5
  • Doing it Risqué by Clarissa Wild - 2/5
  • The Sheik's Dangerous Lover by Elizabeth Lennox - 3/5
  • Shudder by Samantha Durante - 3/5
  • The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard - 3.5/5

And the book of the month is...

This month was a hard one as I didn't read any books that I loved so I went on the book that I liked and so The Forgotten Ones came out on top. I enjoyed the mythical side of the story as it was a little different to what I have read. It took me ages to finish as there was times when I just wasn't interested in it.
I know that next month will be better as the book that I'm reading at the moment is really good so far!