1 January 2014

Book Review: Grave Matters (The Demon Trappers #4.5) by Jana Oliver

**Contains spoilers if you haven't finished the series**
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Format: Free on Website
Publishers: Nevermore Books
Published: 1st December 2013
Pages: 162
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Main Characters: Riley, Beck
Date Read: Unknown
Rating Given:
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A Demon Trappers Novella

A legendary Demon Trapper, Riley Blackthorne frequently battles with Hell’s minions. So when she travels to Scotland to meet up with her hunky boyfriend, and celebrate her eighteenth birthday, she’s thrilled at the chance to leave Atlanta and its troubles behind.

Denver Beck, who has been studying for months to become a Grand Master – a rare and highly dangerous job -- is just as eager to see his girl. He’s anticipating a romantic reunion, keen to take their relationship to the next level.

But Riley’s twisted history with Hell has garnered unwelcome interest by people willing to use her for their own purposes. Trouble is brewing in the land of the heather, the kind that will drive a wedge between her and Beck, and prove the ultimate test of their love . . . and their survival skills.

Bonus content includes demon illustrations and two Demon Trappers short stories.

I have been a huge fan of The Demon Trapper series so when Jana Oliver mentioned about her putting up chapters to her new novella set after the last one I jumped at the chance to read it.

The cover I kind of like but I don't think it's in keeping with the rest of the series but I don't really mind as its still good.

I think that this one is even better than all the others in this series put together but then that might just be me being biased as I have always wanted Riley and Beck together and we see a lot of that in this one. There was so many twists and turns that I just didn't see coming and I loved every minute of them even if there was some heartbreak. I loved the action side of the story as it was just like the rest of the series. The only thing I hated was having to wait for the next chapter to be put up but that's just me being impatient to see what happens next.

We get to see new characters in this book as well as the two that we all know and love. Riley at the beginning was her same old self but then she seemed to have changed and not in a good way but then by the end we find out the reason behind this. With Beck we see a more stronger, intelligent and romantic side to him and I loved him even more which I didn't think was possible

Overall a great addition to the series and hopefully Jana will revisit them again in the future.