14 January 2014

Book Review: The Winning Season by Alison Packard

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Format: earc
Publishers: Carina Press
Published: 15th July 2013
Pages: 241
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Main Characters: Kelly, Matt
Date Read: 8th January - 14th January 2014
Rating Given:
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Kelly Maxwell has finally landed her dream job as publicist for the San Francisco Blaze. But the team's newest member, handsome bad boy catcher Matt Scanlon, is refusing every interview. She's got to get him to open up before the season ends, or she may not be back next year. And after everything she overcame to achieve her dream, Kelly's not about to let that happen.

Matt Scanlon just wants to be left alone to rebuild his life and his career. After a year of masking the pain of a recent loss with hard partying and fast women, he finally hit rock bottom and was traded to a team he's loathed his entire life—a team with little to no chance at the post-season.

Butting heads is getting Kelly and Matt nowhere but annoyed, and with the team's schedule on the road, they can't avoid close quarters—or their surprising attraction to one another. As the season winds down, Matt finds his growing feelings for Kelly have brought his numbed emotions back to life. But when betrayal shatters their fragile trust, winning it all seems more impossible than ever.

I received this from Netgalley for review a while ago now but I have finally gotten around to reading it and now I wish I had started this sooner as I loved it!

I'm not a huge fan of the cover as it reminds me of the cheesy covers that my Nanna used to have but I do think the model is gorgeous and a perfect fit for Matt.

This is a new kind of book for me as I haven't read any books that are Baseball related and other books that where sport related I didn't like but this sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a try. From the moment I started this book I just knew I was going to love it, it just drew me into the world of Baseball and the different relationships. I loved every minute of this book even though there was a few things that happened which broke my heart I just didn't care I was completely enthralled with this book. Even though I have no idea about baseball it didn't matter as I still understood and it was mainly about the behind the scenes of baseball. I never saw he romance coming as from the beginning they hated each other but the more time they spent together the more sparks there was. The chemistry between these two was hot and I could definitely feel it through the pages. There was also other storylines running through the book including some very serious issues which was beautifully written. The ending was great and I was swooning but there was a few of the other stories that I would have liked to got cleared up, however I have since learned that even though this isn't a part of a series some of the other characters have got their own book!

I loved near enough all the characters and the only one I didn't like was ok to hate after what she did I wouldn't be surprised if everyone hated her (not telling you which character this is)! Kelly was a great female character that did have some serious issues in her past but this has made her a much stronger and more relatable than any other character I know. Matt is another great character with some serious baggage but throughout the book in which he has to learn how to cope with his grief which had some very heart breaking moments yet there was times when he had me laughing which was great. There was some amazing side characters and I can't wait to find out what happened with them especially J.T I loved him and I can't wait for his book.

Overall it was an amazing book. This is only my second book by Alison Packard but both of these books was amazing and is one her way to being my favourite author!