23 October 2014

Excerpt & Giveaway: Come Back To Me by Mila Gray

Come Back To Me has been out for a little while now on kindle format but as of 23rd October it finally comes out in paperback although this is only in the UK you guys that live in America have a longer to wait I'm affraid its not out until the end of 2015! the kindle version is available to you though.
This book is by far one of my favourite reads of 2014 so imagine my delight when the author asked me if I had a free blog spot! I jumped at the chance to showcase more of this book it's amazing and would highly recommend anyone who hasn't read it to do so as you won't be disappointed. For my full review click here.

So without further ado here's the excerpt:

Eventually, unable to take it much more, I roll her off my chest and onto her side, turning to face her. My pulse is so elevated you’d think I’d just run a three minute mile and I have to take a long, deep breath to try to steady it. Jessa’s cheeks are flushed and she’s breathing fast. She places a hand on my face, grazing her palm across my jaw, then traces the shape of my lips. I kiss her fingertips and watch her as she takes in a sharp breath. Her eyelids become heavy, her lips part. The image of her lying naked in my arms, her head thrown back with abandon, flashes across my mind. My imagination is most definitely making up for lost time.
‘So,’ she whispers, ‘Are you going to tell me then?’
‘Tell you what?’ I ask.
She smiles slyly, her fingers delicately tapping my collar bone. ‘Your dad asked if you were going to tell me how you feel.’
I stare at her. Put me on the spot much? ‘Still thinking about it,’ I tell her, enjoying the disappointment that flares across her face. I wink at her. ‘Don’t want to mess things up.’
Jessa’s disappointment gives way to a smile. I kiss her once more then draw away, rolling onto my back and pulling her under my arm. She sighs contentedly and rests her head on my chest, just below my chin. I remember then what she said earlier, about how she sees through me, how she knows me. Her words struck me hard as a kick to the ribs, jolting something free inside of me; some knowledge or truth I’d been avoiding. Ever since I became a Marine I’ve felt like I belong to a different tribe, always on the outside looking back in at the rest of the world, playing a role that I put on the first time I wore my uniform.
But with Jessa, I realize that I don’t ever feel that way. Lying with her right now, under this endless sky, it feels like we’re the only two people in the world and for once I’m not on the outside, I’m right on the inside, exactly where I belong. Most of the time when I’m in uniform I feel like I’m pretending at being someone – someone I’m not sure I really am. As Jessa stares at me my body let’s go of all the tension it’s been holding, all the pretence, and just relaxes, and it feels good. It feels better than good. It feels like freedom.
I like the way she sees me, I think to myself, as I stare up at the million dead and dying stars above us. It’s someone worth striving to be.

After reading that excerpt I feel like I need to go reread Come Back To Me now!! I will be definitely getting the paperback version as I think it would make a great edition to my book shelf.

Now for the giveaway for your chance to win yourself a signed copy of Come Back To Me!

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