15 March 2016

Book Review: Ruined (The Eternal Balance, #1) by Jus Accardo

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Entangled: Embrace
Published: 30th December 2013
Pages: 325
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance, 
Main Characters: Sam, Jax
Date Read: 25th February - 1st March 2016

Rating Given:
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A new adult novel from Entangled's Embrace imprint...
Hell is looking for a way to break loose…
Jax lost the genetic lottery. Descended from Cain, the world's first murderer, he's plagued by a curse that demands violence in exchange for his happiness. He left everything behind, including the girl he loved, but thriving on the pain of others is lonely… And it's killing him.
After a series of heartbreaking losses, Samantha put rubber to pavement and headed for college as fast as her clunker could carry her. But she can't outrun her problems. When an attack at school drives her back home, she's thrown into the path of a past—and a guy—she's been trying to forget.
Sam strains Jax's control over his darkness, but running isn't an option this time. Someone—or, something—followed her home from school: a ruthless monster with a twisted plan centuries in the making. Forced together to survive, and fighting an attraction that could destroy them both, Jax and Sam must stop a killer bent on revenge.

  I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Even though this cover is simple I still love the cover as it looks sinister which is very much in keeping with the story. I love the use of colours as it works well to give it that dark feel about it. What I love is the way the title is covering half of the models face as again that ties in well with the story.

I was looking forward to reading this book as I have read and enjoyed a Jus Accardo book plus that blurb I was expecting amazing things however I felt let down by it. For the most part I just couldn't get into it with nothing really grabbing my attention to the point where I even considered stopping reading it but then some things would happen that I would think something was going to grab me which was like that throughout. I did like how different this book is to any other book that I have read before which had loads of potential I just wish I could've loved it as much as loads of other reviewers have done. There was a bit of action that was entertaining but I just wished there was more of it. The romance side of the story was not really believable and some of it I didn't understand what on earth was happening between the main characters. I kind of expected the ending that we got so to be it was a little bit predictable but it did start to pick up which may have been too little too late. 

I couldn't really warm up to any of the characters which maybe that's why I couldn't get into the actual story. Jax was pretty much the only character that had glimmers of being a good character but then he would say or do something that annoyed me to put me off him all over again. I do understand why Jax was the way he was but that didn't mean I could love him. I didn't really understand Sam there was times when I thought she was something that she wasn't.

Overall, I wish I could have loved this book but I just couldn't get into it and I know I won't be rushing to read the next book in the series.