14 April 2016

Book Review: My Perfect Mistake (Over the Top, #1) by Kelly Siskind

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Forever Yours
Published: 5th April 2016
Pages: 340
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance,
Main Characters: Shay, Kolton
Date Read: 23rd March - 27th March 2016

Rating Given:
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Synopsis:What happens in Aspenis definitely not staying in Aspen. . .
A girls’ trip to Aspen was exactly what Shay needed to forget about her toxic ex-boyfriend. She’s got her girls, pristine slopes for skiing, and hot guys everywhere. Of course, her epic self-rediscovery goes completely to hell when a wild (and deliciously hot) skier knocks Shay on her ass . . . and war is declared. 
Kolton doesn’t know what it is about Shay that makes him lose it. Not just his cool—although she does have an unholy gift for that—but his restraint. When anger gives way to explosive chemistry, they’re both shaken with the intensity of it. But somewhere between lust and hate, Kolton and Shay realize they could have something real . . . if they don’t kill each other first.

   I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I do love this cover but then there's no surprise there as I love black and white images so when it's used in a book cover I am immediately drawn to the book. What I also love when a black and white image has been used is the colour that's used in the title and this is no different.

This is one of the most funniest book I have ever read especially in the beginning where I was laughing in pretty much every chapter. It was a little bit too predictable but in the end I didn't mind too much. The relationship between Kolton and Shay was brilliant in the beginning as that's where all the humour was with all the love/hate banter going on. You could definitely feel the chemistry oozing out of the pages they were so good together plus I felt they brought out the best and worst in each other. I loved that Siskind has set up their friends stories and I can't wait to see what's going to happen between them. I felt the ending was a little too rushed as I felt like Kolton and Shay's story wasn't over and even though this book is a part of a series it's not them which is a shame as it's these two that I need to see more of.

Loved pretty much all of the characters in this book especially the two main characters which is always a good thing when starting a new book. Shay started of strong as some of the things she did/said had me howling with laughter. There was times when she showed her vulnerable side and not in a good way as she had lost some of her confidence so it was nice to see it grow again and I think that had a lot to do with Kolton. Kolton was my favourite character in this book even if there was times when I wanted to smack him upside the head.

Overall, a great start to this series which I'm very much looking forward to continuing.