15 December 2011

Book Review: Entice (Need #3)

Entice (Need #3) by Carrie Jones

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: 3rd January 2011
Pages: 264
Main Characters: Zara and Astley
Date Started: 10th December 2011
Date Finished: 15th December 2011
Rating Given: ***

Zara and Nick are soul mates, meant to be together forever.
But that's not quite how things have worked out.

For starters, well, Nick is dead.
Supposedly, he's been taken to a mythic place for warriors known as Valhalla, so Zara and her friends might be able to get him back. But it's taking time, and meanwhile a group of evil pixies is devastating Bedford, with more teens going missing every day. An all-out war seems imminent, and the good guys need all the warriors they can find. But how to get to Valhalla?

And even if Zara and her friends discover the way, there's that other small problem: Zara's been pixie kissed. When she finds Nick, will he even want to go with her? Especially since she hasn't just turned...she's Astley's queen.

I have read all the book that are out in this particular series and I do find them good but not the best series I have ever read.

I wanted this book because I wanted to find out what was going to happen although I was desperate to read it so I didn't mind not getting to it straight away.

This book was just like the rest in which they drag a bit but in parts it's so thrilling and I can't wait to read the next chapter.

There was a slight difference in this book however, as this one feature's a new male main character Astley. We did meet him in Captivate but he has a more leading role. I do like his character and I also feel sorry for him as you can tell he likes Zara more than what she (thinks) does him. I think we are going to have another love triangle on our hands here in the books to come.

Zara was a little more annoying in this book but I think with the things she has gone through I can forgive her for this but I do hope she gets better in the next one although I have a feeling she could get worse!

I loved the relationship between Dev and Issie it was really sweet but not in a cheesey way and I would love to have seen them in a more leading role than what they had done in this book.

Overall it was a bit slow but towards the end it got so much more entertaining so much so that I am really looking forward to reading the next instalment!

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  1. Carrie Jones' Need series has continuously gotten better with each book. In this book our heroine has to deal with the fact that things might not be as black and white as she once thought when it comes to Pixies. Our heroine faces some tough choices and continually grows because of them and all of her courage is tested in the third installment of the need series. I loved this book because not only does Zara learn that not everything is what it seems even in the supernatural world, but because she grows in other ways too. This book was full of surprises and had some wonderful interactions with the characters helping readers learn a little more about them and have better understanding of the things going on.