1 August 2012

Book Cover: The Luxe

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

This is the first in the Luxe series which I have read all but the last one (but that's another story) which I did enjoy but this was more cover lust for me. When I first saw this in the book store I hadn't heard of it before but that cover had me the moment I set my eyes on it. I didn't care what it was about I knew I had to have this cover. In the end it wasn't a strong enough series (at that time as it was a few years ago so may feel differently now) for me to keep this series which is a shame as it's a beautiful cover.
I love the way that the dress is the star of this cover and actually all of the covers are the same in that way but they are different dresses and colours but all beautiful. I couldn't pick a favourite cover in this series which is why I went for the first cover just to show you how it all started.
I do feel that there is a lot going on with in this cover but for some strange reason it doesn't look too crowded.
I love the patterns and flowers with some dark pink butterflies it really does look good but with it being on top of that dress they don't stand out well apart from the pinks maybe if it was all in that shade it would have been too much.
I love the font of the title as it really does flow with the rest of the cover. It was very well placed as it was able to frame the girl in the dress.
The cover does fit well with the actual story as there is a lot of these beautiful dresses as it was in that time period when getting these huge dresses was a big thing.
Overall a stunning cover but for me the story didn't live up to it.