15 August 2012

Book Covers: Breathe

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

The first time I saw this cover on Goodreads I added it to my wishlist as it's just stunning everything about this cover is beautiful.
The first thing that caught my eye was the purple hues, all the different shades of purple creating one beautiful scenery.
I love the way it looks as though it has been split in half as it adds more depth to the cover if it was all in one half it would have looked 2D whereas here it looks more 3D.
The texture of the pathway looks really effective it makes me want to touch it but I bet it will be flat, I think it would be a great idea to give that half a rough texture and then the top a smooth finish as it would feel the way it looks and I'm all for texture on book covers.
As for the font of the title it has been kept simple and usually I prefer the calligraphy style of font but I don't think that would have worked in this particular books case. I'm glad it's simple because like it is it doesn't over power the scenery which I love. It was perfectly positioned because with it being near enough Central my eye is immediately drawn to the title of the book which is important for us to know.
Looking at this cover had made me very curious as to what is going on within the book and after reading the synopsis it does sound like the cover is in keeping with the story which I love.
I do have this book for review but it's not a finished copy which I am a little gutted about however, if I enjoy the book I will get a finished copy so I can have it forever on my shelf.
For the synopsis of the book click the image and it will take you to Goodreads.