8 August 2012

Book Cover: Wake

Wake by Amanda Hocking

I have talked about how I love another series from Amanda Hocking and this one is no different as this is a stunning cover.
This picture of the cover doesn't do the actual cover any justice especially the hardback version which I have. When you move the cover into the light it has a rainbow sheen to it, this only happens on the waves making it look more realistic. I love this effect on it as it makes the book stand out.
I love that the cover is near enough completely under the water as I love the colours that the sea makes.
I am currently reading this book at the moment and from what I have read I would say that the cover is very much fitting to the actual story which I like to see.
What you don't see from the picture is that in the hardback version you can take the jacket off and on the back it has a beautiful poster.
The font of the title seems to flow with the rest of the cover as to me the curves reminds me of the waves that the sea creates.
As I said I am currently reading the book but so far I would say the cover is more stunning than the actual book but that could change maybe not in this book but I'm sure the story will improve as it continues as there are three more books that could change that.
For me I would say that most of Amanda Hocking's covers are stunning and by the looks of the next one in this series I would say that they are set to continue in their beauty.