15 July 2013

Cover Reveal: Diamond Sky (Love Lines #3) by Diana Nixon - Gift Edition

I was sent the email about the cover reveal of the third book in the Love Lines series (which I have read the first one and loved and I have the others to read) and seeing as I have loved the covers I obviously had to do a cover reveal post for it.
I do like this cover especially the colours used but I have to admit I prefer the other version but out of all the gift editions this one is my favourite.
So without further ado here it is...
Diamond Sky
A new page of the Love Lines story that will reveal new secrets and mysteries buried in the walls of Dever. Eileen, Christian and Evan need to find an old spell to protect themselves and those they love from being killed. There is only one problem – no one knows where the spell is hidden….
A mysterious student comes to Dever. A boy whose eyes are always watching. Who is he? What secrets are hidden behind his smiles? Is he a friend or an enemy?...
When they thought they knew everything about the super powers they possessed, they could have never imagined that in reality they didn’t know a thing. The wind can turn into the worst hurricane they have ever seen. The water can destroy everything. The earth can swallow them alive. And the fire can burn them to ashes….
The illusions - the only thing they tried to run away from, will come back to ruin the world they live in, taking away everything they ever cherished and loved.
When you think you are so close to getting what you want, think twice about your every step. Because what you think is the right thing to do may take away your life…