1 April 2014

Book Review: Pregame by Taylor Wade

Format: Kindle (arc)
Publishers: Indie
Published: 9th July 2013
Pages: 232
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Main Characters: Brookelyn, Wes
Date Read: 24th March - 28th March 2014
Rating Given:
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Brookelyn Lane transfers universities to escape her dangerous past and the demons that haunt her. Starting her sophomore year at a new school, Brookelyn promises herself that she won’t let history repeat itself. That means: no boys. 
When arrogant and athletic Gabriel Harris enters Brookelyn’s world, closely followed by the mysterious, tattooed charmer, Wes Walker, she struggles to keep both of them from capturing her heart. She soon learns, however, that it’s easier said than done. Brookelyn finds herself falling hard and fast. Just as she starts to figure everything out, Brookelyn’s past finds its way to her present, and her world is turned upside down as she’s forced to face off against her worst nightmare.

I saw that this book was up for review on a Goodreads page that I am in, I thought it sounded like something that I would enjoy so requested it and I am really glad I did...

With this cover I love the background as it really does make the book stand out, I also love the use of colours. What I am not too sure about is the position of the title which I feel like it should have been more centred than it was plus I think it should have been bigger as it looks a little lost with the close up of the lips and the font size of the author.

As soon as I started this book I found it very enjoyable and the more I read the more I fell in love with the whole story. There was a major issue addressed in this book which I don't normally like to read about but I found that Wade did a brilliant job in tackling the issues raised. Even though there was some really dark moments there was some much needed light relief that had me chuckling along with them. The romance side of the story was very well written and I could feel the sparks shooting of the pages even when Brookelynn held herself back (but no one could blame her for that after everything she went through). The only thing wrong with this book was the grammar and spelling as it was really bad in some places and it really distracted me but I didn't pull the rating down too much as at the end of the day it was independently published and the story was just too good to take the rating down even further.

I loved all the characters that we was supposed to like and hated the ones that we most definitely should. Brookelynn was a fantastic character who was a strong and courageous as well as funny even in her rough times. Wes was one of those 'bad guys' that really have a heart of gold. He was so sweet and there for Brookelynn when she wasn't sure he would be. Both their friends was great and really made the book so much better with all their banter and antics (watch out for the beach ball scene as it is hilarious).

Overall this a book that you should look out for especially if your a fan of Beautiful Disaster.