31 March 2015

Book Review: On the Surface (In the Zone, #1) by Kate Willoughby

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Format: Kindle 
Publishers: Carina Press
Published: 14th April 2014
Pages: 272
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Erin, Tim
Date Read: 22nd March - 25th March 2015
Rating Given:
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NHL player Tim Hollander lost his temper one time and threw a water bottle at an abusive fan. After "Bottlegate," he's traded to the San Diego Barracudas, where he'll need to keep the bad publicity to a minimum while proving he can still compete with the younger guys on the ice.
Erin Collier is a paediatric nurse who's never seen a hockey game, but gets in line for Tim's autograph at a PR event in hopes of impressing the doctor she has a crush on. When an obnoxious fan gets pushy toward Erin, Tim rushes to defend the pretty stranger, throwing a punch in the process.
Grateful for the rescue, Erin agrees to stand by Tim during the resulting press conference and host him at a hospital charity event. Their chemistry is palpable, and soon their lives are intertwined. But Erin doubts a hockey player is capable of anything resembling a real relationship. And if Tim can't get her to see beyond what's on the surface, they'll never last longer than a single season… 

 I was given a review copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I'm not a lover of this particular cover as the model I just don't see as Tim. I do like the background colour though.

I really enjoyed reading this book but there was moments when I thought something huge would happen but it never happened the way I thought it would. I don't usually mind that I book isn't predictable but in this case I think it would have added more to the story because at times it was a little dull it just needed more excitement. What I also wasn't a fan of was the time period as it kept skipping day/weeks/months making me get a little lost on what was happening. I kind of liked the romance between Erin and Tim as it was sweet but also smoking hot chemistry, however, I do feel like it was too much too soon it felt like they where in love straight away especially Tim whereas Erin's feelings where at a slower pace which was nice. There was so many cute and romantic moments towards the end half of the book which I found myself saying aww out loud. What annoyed me the most about this book is that I don't feel as though there was enough background information on the characters especially Erin. I kind of liked the ending as pretty much everything was cleared up with a few exceptions but I do feel like it was rushed as one minute Tim was saying one thing then the next minute everything was fine and he couldn't wait (I know that's a bit vague but I don't want to give anything major away).

I pretty much liked all of the characters as there was no bad person there was a few moments that I thought was a bit annoying but I have a feeling that they will probably get their own book so maybe they would seem even more likable. I kind of liked Erin at the beginning as she seemed sweet enough but she did annoy me with the way she acted around a certain doctor, but she seemed to be better once she started having feelings for Tim. Tim I liked from the beginning he came off sweeter than I thought he would.

Overall a good enough start to the In the Zone series and I can't wait to read more to see if they get even better.