6 September 2015

Book Review: Making a Play (Hometown Players, #2) by Victoria Denault

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Forever Yours
Published: 8th September 2015
Pages: 288
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sport Romance
Main Characters: Rose, Luc
Date Read: 1st September - 5th September 2015

Rating Given:
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Synopsis:He'll do whatever it takes to win—on and off the ice. 
Luc Richard is the hottest player in the NHL—and it has nothing to do with hockey. His racy relationship with his supermodel ex set the tabloids on fire but nearly put his career on ice. To avoid being traded, Luc agrees to take a break from the spotlight—and from women—and spend the off-season at home in Silver Bay, Maine. It's the perfect plan... until he reconnects with Rose. 
Rose Caplan is tired of being shy, sweet, and safe. She's ready for passion, romance—and Luc. Having loved him longer than she can remember, she's finally ready to prove she's not the same innocent little girl he once knew. Off the ice Luc doesn't do games, but this new Rose makes him feel like playing a little dirty. If he's really got a shot at her heart then he's not just playing to win. He's playing for keeps.

 I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Another cover that I'm in two minds over as I do think the guy on the cover could definitely be Luc but the tattoo doesn't look right you can tell it's been photoshopped on him.

After loving the first book in the Hometown Players, One More Shot I was very much excited about book 2 and for the most part it lived up to my high expectations there was just a couple of things that annoyed me apart from that it was a really good and entertaining book. I loved that Luc and Rosie started off as friends as it gave their romance more believability which was definitely needed as there was a couple of times that I didn't see any deeper feelings it felt like it was more lust than love until the end and then it felt like there was more to their relationship than just sex. A big dramatic scene happens towards the end that left me thinking what just happened there and even though it was a bit predictable I still was on tenter hooks to see how everything got resolved. I did like the ending but I would have liked to have seen them either a couple of years or months later but I suppose it won't be too bad if they are in the next book like Jordan and Jessie where.

Rosie started off as a kind and sweet girl but then she tried to change herself to get the guy which I hated as she shouldn't have to feel like she needed to do that and she didn't really even though it kind of came across as she did as he did take notice but what she didn't know was he had always liked her. I liked Luc but I didn't love him as some of the things that he did annoyed the hell out of me plus he came across as a little shallow. I really liked Callie in this book so I'm glad hers is the next book in this series and I'm very intrigued as to how her story will play out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book but it wasn't as amazing as the first book but I'm still excited about her next book in this series.