29 May 2016

Book Review: Wild Crush (Wild Cards, #2) by Simone Elkeles

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: NLA Digital LLC
Published: 22nd September 2015
Pages: 304
Genre: YA, Contemporary Romance, Sport Romance
Main Characters: Vic, Monika,
Date Read: 4th May - 6th May 2016

Rating Given:
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Synopsis:When the only girl you want is the one you can't have... 
Bad boy Vic Salazar breaks all the rules except one: Don't make a move on your best friend's girl. It’s a Guy Code that Vic lives by. It doesn't matter that he's had a crush on her for years. Monika Fox is off limits. 
Monika has a secret of her own and when a tragedy throws her and Vic together, the only boy she trusts is the one she shouldn’t confide in. Vic. 
As Vic struggles to keep his distance, and Monika struggles with her secrets, will their wild connection violate every rule both vowed never to break—about relationships, about friendship, about love?

 I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I'm not a fan of this cover which is quite surprising as it has the aspects in the cover that I normally love but this cover just doesn't work for me. I think what it is that puts me off the cover is the composition of the bodies as it just looks weird. I also don't see these two as Vic and Monika either.

After loving the first book in the Wild Cards series I was very excited to read this one but in the end it was no where near as good as the first one in fact I nearly DNFed it but I held out because it's Simone Elkeles. I did think I was going to enjoy when I first started it but things slowly started to annoy me more and more. It felt far to predictable which I don't always mind but things that happened that would normally 'shock' I guessed would happen in the beginning. I didn't believe in any of the relationships especially Monika's and Vic's as they just didn't seem to gel plus it felt like it was one sided for pretty much most of the book. For me the ending felt rushed with no real closure I was expecting so much to happen yet it felt like it abruptly finished.

I didn't warm to many of the characters but I did like seeing the returning couple from the previous book plus some characters from her Perfect Chemistry series was great. Monika annoyed me the most as she was a bit of a pushover and just plain annoying. There was moments in the beginning where I actually loved Vic as he was sweet and selfless but then that all changed in the second half of the book and after that I couldn't stand him.

Overall, I was so disappointed with this book but it won't stop me reading this series or even any Simone Elkeles books as I know she has done amazing work so I will always hope that she writes another gem.