14 March 2012

Book Covers: The Treachery of Beautiful Things

The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long

Every time I come across this cover I fall in love with it more and more as the title says beautiful and that's what this cover is beautiful.
The main part of this cover I love is the dress which by it's self is stunning but the way in which the flowers that start on the ground and then go up into the dress makes it stand out from other books that include a dress. I love the way that I can get a different view on this part every time I see it. Like the first time I thought it wasn't apart of the dress but then just now I get the feeling like it's a train for the dress as I can just imagine the flowers follow when the girl moves which I think would look beautiful.
The background suits the style of the dress as it's all about the nature. I do like the way the sun is trying to shine through yet it still looks a bit dark which I am hoping is a sign of what is to come from this book.
With the title being plain it doesn't stand out as much as what the dress or even the location does however, I think that if it was any different it would be too much. I do think it needs to stand out a bit more as I think it blends too much into the background whereas it needs to stand out so the reader knows what the book is called.
I haven't read this book yet so I don't know if it matches what the story is about but I do hope that, that's the case as then I think this could be a brilliant read well fingers crossed it is :)


  1. This one is on NetGalley :)
    I love the cover too, hoping to get around to reading it here in te next week or two!

  2. I think the cover is absolutely stunning. I agree with you on that I hope it matches what the story is about.

    Jenny at Books to the Sky