26 September 2012

Book Cover Talk: Dance of Shadows

This week's book cover that I am talking about is...

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black

I only saw this cover last week but as soon as I saw it I asked if I could review it. I now have a review copy of this book which is just the picture the title is on the spine as well as the back. I actually don't mind that I have this version as I get to see the image uninterrupted.
There are a few covers that have the dress turning into petals and I love them all and this one is no exception. I love the bold colour of the dress/petals as it just draws my eye straight to it. You also know that this book is going to be about dancing not just because it has it in the title (which doesn't always mean anything) but because of the ballet shoes that the girl is wearing. I do think that the bottom half could have been lightened up as I have to look really closely to even notice the shoes. I know that the mist is covering them so you shouldn't be able to see them but it could have been just a little darker so that we know that the girl is a dancer/dancing. Apart from that little bit I love the mist it makes the whole cover look more dramatic, it makes me desperate to read what the book is going to be all about.
I like that the title's font has been kept simple but put a bit of a pattern around it giving it a more elegant feel which when you think of ballet dancing you (well I) think of elegance.
This book isn't out until 12th February 2013 so a long wait, glad I have mine now but I won't be reading it until the end of November early December as that's when they want the reviews!
What does everyone else think of the cover? do you agree with me? or do you not like it?