5 September 2012

Book Cover Talk: Halo

This week's book cover that I am talking about is...

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

For me this cover was definitely love at first sight and the whole reason why I wanted to even read this series which I'm glad I did as I found it an enjoyable read.
All of the covers in this series are very similar (click on the image to take you to Goodreads where you will find all the covers.) which I love as you know it's a part of that series.
I love that the people in the cover are silhouettes which happens through out the covers. The silhouette gives the image a more romantic feel which is the main part of the story. Also with them being silhouettes it makes the girls wings stand out as you can see the patterns of them and especially with the sun shining through them I just think the wings look stunning.
I would have maybe have liked to see something more in the background but I guess with it being done this way it kind of matches what the story is about.
I love the title font as it looks elegant which when I think of angels I think elegance. I much prefer this font than the one they used in the American cover which was just plain it should have been more like this.
Not everyone loves this book as much as I do but I personally think the cover is not let down by the story as I find both the cover and the story beautiful.