24 December 2014

Book Review: This Christmas (Christmas in New York, #1) by Jeannie Moon

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Format: Kindle arc
Publishers: Tule Publishing Group!
Published: 9th November 2014
Pages: 127
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Sabrina, Jake, Charlie
Date Read: 22nd December - 23rd December 2014
Rating Given:
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Single mother Sabrina Gervais has built a happy life with her daughter Charlotte in their eastern Long Island hometown of Holly Point. Having Charlie meant putting some of her own dreams on hold, but Sabrina is content to surround herself with family and friends, safe from the realities of the outside world. She had enough of that when the man she loved broke her heart. 
Jake Killen’s career in professional hockey has brought him many rewards on and off the ice, but returning to New York brings back a flood of memories. When he sees Sabrina again, he discovers that he didn’t just away from her ten years ago, but also from their unborn child. Struggling with anger, guilt, and chemistry that’s off the chart, Sabrina and Jake wonder if they can find love again and, this Christmas, make all their wishes come true. 
Christmas in New York Book 1: This Christmas by Jeannie Moon Book 2: All I Want for Christmas by Jennifer Gracen Book 3: A Light in the Window by Jolyse Barnett Book 4: Goodness and Light by Patty Blount

I have started a new Christmas tradition and that is to read Christmas books and thanks to netgelley I was able to get a few in exchange for an honest review.

I'm in two minds about this cover as it does give off the cheesy Christmas vibe which I am used to with Christmas books however I don't like the top part of the cover as it makes out that it's about sex when in reality it's not at all.

This was a cute and heart warming which is what I come to expect from Christmas books, I also like that even though it was a short read it still didn't compromise on the quality of the story. The short prologue at the beginning set up the story nicely and then throughout the book. I did enjoy the romance side of the story but there was times when I didn't quite believe what was being said or not being said at times. By the end of the book I wanted a little more maybe some time in the future would have been nice just to see how everything was going between the couple.

All of the characters where likable and seeing how this book has been done I don't think we will see the last of the girls. Sabrina was a nice character but she did have her moments when she had a bit of fire in her belly. I did like Jake and the more we got to know him the more you can tell he is a good guy and I felt for him at times. Charlie was a great character whom was wiser than her years.

Overall a nice Christmas read for all of you that love a cute Christmas novelette.