3 January 2015

Book Review: Goodness and Light (Christmas in New York, #4) by Patty Blount

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Format: Kindle arc
Publishers: Tule Publishing Group
Published: 11th November 2014
Pages: 133
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Elena, Lucas
Date Read: 1st January - 2nd January 2015
Rating Given:
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Thirteen years ago, two teens met on the ramp to Ground Zero, on a cold and snowy day, strangers bonding in a moment of grief. The boy pressed a crystal snowflake ornament into the girl’s hand and disappeared into the crowd, unaware that his simple act of kindness saved her from the guilt that threatened to consume her.
Since losing her mom, Elena Larsen hasn’t set foot in New York City -- until now. Agreeing to help her sister prepare for her baby’s birth seems like a good way to spend Christmas and Elena vows not to let the monstrous guilt that weighs on her heart ruin everything. But those plans go awry when she meets Lucas Adair, a man whose own grief and guilt just might rival her own.
When Elena discovers Lucas is the boy who gave her that crystal snowflake all those years ago, she can’t accept it as the sign Lucas believes it to be. For her, it means only one thing --- even beyond the grave, her mother can never forgive Elena for breaking her heart.
For Lucas, New York is hallowed ground that he can never leave. He spends his days working in the Financial District and his evenings volunteering and it’s almost enough to help him forget what he did. Lucas knows better than to make plans with a woman who will soon be leaving, yet can’t help himself. There’s something about Elena that pulls him in. He doesn’t put much faith in signs but even he starts to believe Elena is his absolution. Now, he only has to convince her.

The last in the Christmas in New York series which was given to me in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

Another cover that's similar to the rest in the series but with new images which look cute and heart warming but I don't think that the couple at the top are fitting for the couple in the story.

This was definitely saved the best until last as this book was amazing and the only thing I could say against it was that I wished it was longer just so I could get more. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride which kicked off from the moment I started it, I was crying by chapter two and towards the end I was in floods of tears. I like it when a book can make me feel emotions as I feel as though the author has taken me completely into the world that they had created. Out of all the books that I have read in this series this one is by far my favourite story as the romance part of the story was beautifully written but also there was more to the story as it was also about the way in which they where coping with grief. The use of signs was a great addition as I like to believe that there are signs out there we just need to know how to notice them. I loved the ending as it was so cute and heart warming and then the little epilogue at the end was a great way to end the series with hope that there is another one to come as I would love to see Kara get her Happy Ever After.

I adored the characters every single one of them. Elena was one of the girls that wasn't in many of the other books like the other girls so I was looking forward to get to know her. She had a lot of issues to deal with but apart from that I thought she was a great character. Lucas was amazing and like Elena thought I too thought he was too good to be true but the more we got know him the more that we find out why he is the way he is which did shock me but I still couldn't help but love him. I loved that we got to see more of the girls from the previous books but there was also more of Kara which was nice to see and we also got introduced to new characters and I loved them just as much as the main characters especially Al.

Overall this was an amazing story and I would highly recommend it. This is my first Patty Blount book that I have read and with her sensitive and beautiful story I know I will have to read more from her as this was an amazing book.