3 November 2011

Books I'm Thankful For...

The book/series I am most grateful for would have to be The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.

Why? you ask, well before reading this series I used to read a lot but then stopped for years but when I picked this series up I just had to continue reading and because of this I have read so many more great books which I am thankful for.

I actually hadn't heard of this series until I watched an episode of E! News where they where talking to the cast of the film and I still remember thinking I must give this series a read before the film comes out and I did and I loved them. I was so addicted that I had to go out and by the next one n the series and so on.

I have re-read this series a couple of times and find new things but I also get more and more angry with them and they are actually no longer my favourite books. I may not be as in love with this series as I used to be but I will always be thankful for them!

What book are you most greatful for?


  1. I also chose Twilight! And for a slightly similar reason...check out here if you like!

  2. Twilight is one of my favorites too :)