18 November 2011

Film Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Film)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
(May contain spoilers)

Director: Bill Condon
Writers: Melissa Rosenberg (Screenplay), Stephenie Meyer (Novel)
Stars/Characters: Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullan, Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan and Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black
Release Date: 18th November 2011
Date Watched: 18th November 2011
Rating Given: *****

 (Thought I would do a little review for the film Breaking Dawn which I think I might do a regular book into films reviews as there is plenty of them.)

At the beginning of the year I had gone of the whole Twilight Saga franchise so I wasn't looking forward to it. Fast-forward to November and many many posters and trailers later and I am really excited to go see it so much so I pre-book the tickets (me, mum and little sis) for the opening day second showing as it was at 12.30 so kids where still at school and knew it wouldn't be as many plus the later showing from 4 onwards where sold out!

As soon as it was time to go I was getting all excited and I was not let down!

It was brilliant, which I was really surprised at as not all the films in this Saga haven't been that good or even well acted but that is all change in this film.

Well we start with the lead up to the wedding which was a bit like the book with the part where the guys are getting ready for the bachelor party which I found really funny just like the book. There was bits before that, that I don't think was like the book but just as good and could imagine it fitting in well with the book.

The Bella nightmare was a bit different but still a bit gory well compared to the previous films which I really liked.

The wedding it self was in a slightly different location but still was stunning. I loved her wedding dress Kristen looked beautiful. As for Rob well just as yummy ;) I loved seeing the guys in their suits. The whole wedding scene was so beautifully made that I got shivers and close to tears it was just so good.

As for the honeymoon I found it very well made and the aftermath actually made my mum laugh out loud. Rob looks really good through out the honeymoon scene. I have always liked Rob but he was never my favourite in the looks but in this scene I changed my mind ;)

I loved the way we got to see more of what Jacob goes through just like the book we even get to hear them talking when they are werewolves it was very well done.

Throughout Bella's pregnancy they made Kristen look so ill the cgi was done so well as it looked realistic. The birth scene was really good and has a lot of blood my mum was asking me does she die? it was on the edge of your seat stuff. As while Bella is going through the aftermath of the birth there is a little fight which I loved as there isn't as much fighting as Eclipse but still great.

There is a touching little scene between Jacob and Renesmee which was well done as it explains things with the imprinting thing.

The way it ended was so good but just to warn any of you who are yet to see it just wait a bit after they start putting up the names as there is a bit with the Volturi which really sets up the next book.

Overall I absolutely LOVED this film even my mum ans sister loved it and they where both awwing and laughing out loud and in my mum's case she was also crying, surprised I never actually I think it's because I don't like crying at the cinema's. This film is definitely one of my favourite films I have seen all year and I can't wait to be able to see it again and again and I definitely can't wait for the next and final film bring on next year!!

I think I might have to re-read Breaking Dawn!