6 May 2013

BOTM #19

This month has been another slow month for me which I am still reading a book now that I started the beginning of April!

Here's the Books that I did get to read during the month of April:

  • A Bit of Bite by Cynthia Eden 4/5
  • Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Melinda Duchamp 2/5
  • From Here to Eternity by Paige Cuccaro 2/5
  • Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer 4/5

And the book of the month goes to...

This was a bad month for me and I didn't read any 5 star books but I did read a couple 4 star books which I really enjoyed and I had to go with this book as I think this series could be 5 star books. I only never gave this 5 star because it was a bit too short so things didn't quite get sorted out but apart from that a really great book. My review isn't up yet but I have scheduled my review for this Wednesday.