16 May 2012

Book Cover: Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

I love everything about this cover even the title it makes me very intrigued to what is actually going to happen in this book (Click on the image and it will take you to goodreads) and I am very much looking forward to reading it when it comes out.
The first thing that draws my eye into this cover is the black wings as I do love a good angel book and because of the wings I assume it's about angels maybe even fallen angels but that is me just guessing the black just might represent the darkness of the world they are living in. I love the way that the wings have a more realistic feel to them as they look like feathers and not all wings look as good as what these do.
With the guy being on the front cover it makes me think that there could well be a romance as well as the clue in the title but this romance sounds like a forbidden love which I hope it is because I love those stories.
I love the background it's very much in keeping with the whole cover but a bit lighter which then highlights the guy. The buildings in the background don't look as realistic as the wings which is a shame but I don't think it matters too much as it's not what our eye is drawn too.
I love that the title takes the centre stage with it being in the middle it's one of the things that I first notice especially with it being so close to those beautiful wings. I also like the style of font that is used as it gives the whole thing a more elegant feel to the book and it doesn't look too much for the cover like some other covers do it just adds that bit extra to the book cover.
Overall a stunningly beautiful book that I can't wait to get my hands on I just hope the actual book lives up to it.

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  1. The cover really is stunning. I love the dark feel that it has. I just got done reading this book a few days ago and I really liked it too. Hope you will too when you get your hands on it!