17 May 2012

Film Review: The Lucky One

The Lucky One

(May contain spoilers)

Director: Scott Hicks
Writers: Will Fetters (Screenplay), Nicholas Sparks (Novel)
Stars/Characters: Zac Efron/Logan, Taylor Schilling/Beth, Blythe Danner/Ellie, Riley Thomas Stewart/Ben, Jay R. Ferguson/Keith
Cinema Release Date: 2nd May 2012
Date Watched: 13th May 2012
Rating Given: ****

I have not actually read the book version but when I had seen the trailers for it I just knew I had to see it and I'm glad that I did as I really enjoyed it and I now want to read the book.

I really enjoyed this film as I felt it had a bit for everyone with the fighting at the beginning and the will they-won't they relationship as well as family issues and of course the tears we come to expect from Nicholas Sparks.

It was nice to see Zac Efron looking and even playing a more grown up part which I think he did a great job as he was believable in his moods and actions. I also loved the bond that was portrayed between him and the dogs especially his although all the way through I was thinking please don't let any of those dogs die (won't spoil it for you). I really did like the way the guy who played Keith acted his part as I did really end up hating him but then there was times that I understood him and by the end I did end up forgiving his past mistakes. The chemistry between Logan and Beth was very believable and I just wanted everything to work out for them. For me though the scene stealer would have to be Riley Thomas Stewart as throughout this film he was just adorable.

Overall I really enjoyed this film and would watch it again although maybe when it's released on DVD. It's not the best film I have seen this year but I would definitely recommend that you give it a try.