23 May 2012

Book Cover: The Morganville Vampire Series

The Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine

This is the UK version of this particular series and for once I prefer the UK covers. I have actually read up to book 10 so this time I know that the covers match up to the story I actually don't know why I've stopped reading them but I will read them soon as it's just a brilliant series.
I have only shown you the first cover as the rest are very similar apart from the colour and the person but it still is a girl throughout the series so far. Sometimes you see just the face and in some of the others you see the whole body but it still matches each other which as you may know by know I love it when a series covers matches one another as then we know they are apart of the same series.
Out of the whole series of covers that are out so far I think this might just be my favourite cover but it is a close one though. There is not one part of this cover that I don't like it just looks stunning.
The patterns on this cover really do stand out especially the ones in blue and on the actual cover I think they stand out even more because they look brighter.
Her hair and eyes seem to match the colours that have been used in some of the patterns which makes it look all the more effective which I think is the same throughout each of the books.
The blood splatters and the blood coming from her mouth stand even more than what they normally would but because its the only other colour on the cover makes it stand out. I like that they have used blood as it shows the reader what the book is all about.
The title's font looks beautiful in a Gothic but elegant way it just draws my eye straight too it. Usually with everything going on in the background and then the fancy font would look too much but in this case it just adds more drama to the cover which there is a lot of drama in these books.
Overall a beautiful set of covers for a beautiful series.