30 May 2012

Book Cover: Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

When I was sent a review copy of this book last week it wasn't actually this cover but more of a hint of what was to come which I actually loved but then when this was revealed I fell in love with it even more.
I love that the colours have been kept the same with just a few parts highlighted with a completely different colour but for me the colours work well and makes everything stand out even more.
I can't actually tell what is going on in the background it looks like trees but they are faded so I might be wrong. I don't think that it matters though as it's all about the girl.
I love the way it looks like the girl looks like she should be in a graphic novel but I think its better that they have made he this way as then she probably looks like what the actual character is supposed to look like where as if they used an actual image of a girl it would more than likely not look like her which I don't like as I need to have a clear image of the character. I like the way she looks like she is ready for a battle as I think this is what the book is about if I read the synopsis right that is. It's also supposed to be a Cinderella re-telling with a difference but I don't think that Cinderella comes across with this girl but again I think that she is exactly how she is meant to look.
I love the simplicity of the title with a bit of a mixture of elegance as it really does make the title stand out which I think is needed especially with the grey colour used as it could have made it blend into the background but because of the font used and the size it stops it from blending.
I am really looking forward to reading this book I just hope the story lives up to the cover and I have a feeling it just might!