7 May 2012

Book Review: Intertwined (Intertwined #1)

Intertwined (Intertwined #1) by Gena Showalter

Format: Paperback
Publishers: Mira Books
Published: 1st February 2011
Pages: 454
Main Characters: Aden, Mary Ann, Riley, Victoria
Date Started: 1st May 2012
Date Finished: 6th May 2012
Rating Given: *****

Blurb from Goodreads:

There’s something about the new guy at Crossroads High…

Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:

One can time travel.
One can raise the dead.
One can possess another human.
One can tell the future.

Everyone thinks he’s crazy, which is why he’s spent his entire life shuffled between mental institutions and juvie. All of that is about to change, however. For months Aden has been having visions of a beautiful girl—a girl who carries centuries-old secrets. A girl who will either save him or destroy him.

Together they’ll enter a dark world of intrigue and danger... but not everyone will come out alive.

I had been after this book for a long time and then when I found it on offer I jumped at the chance of reading it, however that was a year ago and it's just been sitting on my shelf and the only reason I can think of for doing that is because there was other books that came out and I just had to read them first now I wish I started this sooner! I have read a couple of Showalter's adult books and did really enjoy them but for some reason I have stopped reading them as I seem to be on a YA kick so I knew that I would love this book and I wasn't wrong. Showalter can create brilliantly addicting worlds that I just get sucked into as I just love her style it doesn't seem she can put a foot wrong.

The book cover isn't that eye catching but I do love the colours and I love the title font as it really does intertwine with each letter which I think matches the title and it also makes it look that bit more interesting. The other covers in the series are similar to this but for some reason look better and I can't wait to have them all on my shelf.

When I first started this book I wasn't sure that I was going to get into it as it was very confusing but once I had a better understanding to what was going on I found that i was able to forgive the confusion and could give it the full five stars that it well and truly deserves. Even though it was confusing things did happen from the moment that it started and continued in that manner until the moment it finished. I think that, that was why I was able to continue with the book at the beginning when I didn't get what was going on I was still enthralled in this particular world.

The main characters I loved straight away I don't even think I have a favourite as they where all equally brilliant. I was so into these characters that I was able to laugh and cry along with them. The relationship between all of them was great to watch and just to see how they grew together I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next with them all as a group and even individually. You just can't help falling in love with them they all seem like strong people who have gone through so much even before they met each other and I can only imagine that it will get worse for them before it gets better.

Overall this was a brilliant introduction to a new paranormal fantasy which has every paranormal creature that you can think of including, Vampires, Shape shifters, Demons, faeries, witches, Goblins, Ghosts and even the occasional Zombie as well as humans with special gifts and I just can't wait to find out even more from this truly magical world.


  1. I was reading this like woah, it sounds really good I better go add it to my wishlist, and low and behold it's already there. Thank you for reminding me about it :D

  2. I didn't know she wrote YA. It's great to hear to takes off with things happening in the beginning and never lets up. Thanks for reviewing :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I had a looooong while back won these first two books, along with two books to another series and it just took me awhile to get to Intertwined. I'll admit to being skeptical because I didn't know if I'd like a guy narrator since I hadn't really read any up til that point. But OMG! I was so wrong to wait for this book/series! It was freaking incredible!

    But I do have to advise you to taking your time with this series. There's 3 books out now, book 4 comes out in 2013 last I heard. So yeah, I am already waiting and agonizing and have been since I read book 3 in like September or whatever. It has the most killer cliffhanger ever! I was seriously steamed for days after finishing it. I first thought I would have to wait an agonizing year for the next one, but it turns out to have been nearly 2 years--since I don't know the official date!

    So please take your time in getting to reading the third book or you will be like me and waiting in agony! It still hurts me thinking about it now even with my monstrous TBR piles!

  4. Okay I am loving the concept of four souls living inside of him,I don't think I ever heard of this book but i'll be making sure to pick this one up. It sounds like something I would enjoy.

  5. YAY sooo glad you loved this one Kate because I'm dying to read this series !! I really have to pick up a copy of this one !!