2 March 2013

Book Review: Alpha Moon (Silver Moon #0.5) by Rebecca A. Rogers

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Indie
Published: 21st October 2012
Pages: 114
Genre: YA, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance
Main Characters: Alaric, Ulric, Daciana
Date Read: 15th February - 17th February 2013
Rating Given:
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Blurb from Goodreads:

A Silver Moon prequel/novella.

First love.

First kiss.

First . . . werewolf bite?

Five hundred years ago, brothers Alaric and Ulric worked tirelessly on their father’s farm to keep mouths fed and sell remaining crops for scanty wages. With a rebellion stirring in northern England and a country at war over the throne, the heavy gloom felt for so long by Alaric and Ulric finally dissipates when a new family settles into town.

Daciana’s parents uproot her from London to begin a new life in Colchester. Here, she won’t be whisked off to decorative parties and elegant balls; she’ll have to put forth effort into back-breaking labor. But her thoughts of eloping from the quaint town subside when she meets Ulric. Together, it’s as if they’re exactly where they should be.

During a late-night hunt for a wolf, Ulric and Daciana are attacked. Before their bodies can fully succumb to the wild animal inside, the town witch claims she holds the cure. Instead of healing their wounds, she places a curse on Ulric and Daciana, so they must live with who they truly are. In a town where secrets can’t be kept and betrayal runs thick, Ulric and Daciana are hunted for the monsters they’ve become, even by those they love.

With this book I mainly wanted it because it was free on Amazon and I liked the cover but I am glad that I tried it as it was not a bad book.

Like I said above I like this cover. The pattern on the girls head look lovely and I love the way that her eyes are shining.

When I first started this book I wasn't too sure that I was going to like it as it took quite some time to get into and I felt the paranormal side of the story wasn't in it enough but I have a feeling this will be different in the next book. Also I felt the romance side of the story was a bit forced. What really saved this book was the ending as I didn't see it coming and it felt like the start of what could be a great series, because of this ending I know that I will read the first book at some point.

The characters I wasn't too sure about to start with especially Daciana as she seemed like a spoilt brat but by the end she seemed to have grown into a better person. Ulric I actually liked he seemed nice and cared for his family. Alaric was very annoying to start with but then he grew on me but then by the end I didn't like him as he did something bad but I guess that's just the start of the story. I don't know whether some of these characters will be in much of the next books as I think its more about the children.

Overall it was a nice quick read but I felt it needed to start a bit better but I am still looking forward to seeing what will happen next.