12 March 2013

Book Review: Ever (Ever #1) by Jessa Russo

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Curiosity Quill Press
Published: 1st October 2012
Pages: 295
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Main Characters: Ever, Frankie, Toby
Date Read: 1st March - 8th March 2013
Rating Given:
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Blurb from Goodreads:

BOOK ONE in The EVER Trilogy

Seventeen-year-old Ever’s love life has been on hold for the past two years. She’s secretly in love with her best friend Frankie, and he’s completely oblivious.

Of course, it doesn't help that he’s dead, and waking up to his ghost every day has made moving on nearly impossible.

Frustrated and desperate for something real, Ever finds herself falling for her hot new neighbor Toby. His relaxed confidence is irresistible, and not just Ever knows it. But falling for Toby comes with a price that throws Ever’s life into a whirlwind of chaos and drama. More than hearts are on the line, and more than Ever will suffer.

Some girls lose their hearts to love.

Some girls lose their minds.

Ever Van Ruysdael could lose her soul.

I was asked by the author if I wanted to join a review only blog tour of this book and I jumped at the chance as it sounded like my kind of book, which I wasn't wrong about. Thank you Jessa for sending me a copy of Ever to review.

I am used to seeing a lot of girls and boys on the front cover but I still like this one as it looks as though it has captured a moment in the book. I also love the blurred look of it. The font of the title is my favourite kind of font so it captured my interest straight away.

When I first started it I was liking it but I didn't love it as I wasn't too sure about the things that was happening. Once I hit about halfway through things started to really pick up, to the point where I just couldn't put it down. The romance side of the story I didn't really believe until everything changed and now I can't pick who Ever should be with. As for the paranormal side of the story I didn't feel as though I was reading one as it just felt like normal (even though nothing was normal). I have only read a couple of ghost stories and all of them have been different to this one which I never expected ghost stories to be different to one another and I never expected everyone to be able to see the ghost. This book did have me close to tears a few times which i didn't mind as i just felt as though I was that invested in the characters. There was times when I thought I knew what was going to happen but I never really guessed right which I liked.

At the beginning of the book I wasn't sure I was going to like all of the characters and a few of them took me by surprise. Ever started of like your everyday teenager only she could see ghosts. I did feel as though she was a bit naive at times but apart from that she seemed like a good character. I loved Frankie from the moment we met him and I really did feel so sorry for him. Now Toby I actually didn't like to start with as I just didn't believe his intentions and it wasn't until nearer to the end when I actually found that I ended up loving him and believing him. Her best friend Jessie I also wasn't too sure about but in the end I found she was a great friend and there for her. Greg was another one of those characters that I just ended up loving when I thought I didn't.

Overall I found this was a great start to the series and I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next.