10 March 2013

Book Review: You'll Be Safe Here (Promises, Prayers & Secrets #1) by Kristine Pierce

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Published: 20th January 2013
Pages: 41
Genre: NA, Contemporary Romance
Main Characters: Bella, Gabriel, Scal
Date Read: 8th March - 9th March 2013
Rating Given:
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Blurb from Goodreads:

Bella Martinez has been living in hell since she was born. Raised by an abusive mother, she thought she was safe when she was found by Gabriel.

Gabriel Collins is a criminal. A Manhattan thief now turned millionaire. He loves Bella but still doesn’t understand how love goes when it’s mixed with money and power especially when Bella disapproves of his current work where he earns millions of dollars.

Enter Scal Farrell. A lead vocalist of an international band who accidentally meets Bella. A bit younger than Gabriel and playful.

On Goodreads I have joined a group called New Adult Book Club (which I am addicted to) where they have NA books available for review which this was one of them. I thought it sounded good and tried to see if I was able to get a copy.

I'm not a huge fan of the cover as it seems a bit too plain for me plus I don't think it gives us readers any clues to what the story is actually about. For me I thought it looked a bit sci-fi but when I read the book I knew that wasn't the case.

This was a very quick read with it only being 41 pages long. The only thing was because of how short it was I didn't feel as though I knew the full story. I also didn't find the story was believable as at the beginning I felt like the guy was form a different species but then she randomly mentions what he actually does (confused? I sure was). None of the romance was believable either as how can someone love someone that does what he living? Also when the other guy Scal enters the scene she tells him everything and she didn't even know him it's something you wouldn't do to a complete stranger that isn't qualified. There was parts of the book that I really did enjoy but I do think it would have been better if it was a longer book.

Bella seemed like a likable person but when we find out that she has always known what Gabriel does it kind of put me off her. Gabriel I thought I was going to like but as soon as I knew about his 'job' I was put off him but I think that is supposed to happen and by the end I hated him. Scal was one of my favourite characters in this book but even he didn't seem genuine because some of the things that happens with him I just didn't get.

Overall this book did take awhile to get into and even when I did there was still things that kept happening that just didn't feel right. I will probably continue with the series though, as I would hope that it gets better.