30 July 2015

Book Review: Her Secret Prince (Royal Holiday, #2) by Madeline Ash

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Tule Publishing
Published: 9th April 2015
Pages: 117
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Dee, Jed
Date Read: 21st June - 28th June 2015

Rating Given:
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Synopsis:At sixteen, Dee Johnson gambled her heart on her best friend Jed Brown – and lost when he disappeared without a trace.
Ten years on, Dee’s life is uprooted when Jed turns up on her doorstep, asking for her help.
Dee has been left behind by everyone she’s loved: her parents, her close friend Alexia, and a stream of lovers. She moves fast with men and suspects this is why they move on fast. Now that’s Jed’s back in her life, she’s taking no chances. Despite the attraction ripping at her seams, she holds back, knowing she wouldn't recover from being loved and left by him a second time.
A constant traveler, Jed has only felt at home once in his life – with Dee. Now that he’s found her again, he's determined to make up for lost time. He'll never leave her again.
Until an unexpectedly royal revelation threatens to strip Jed of his freedom and future – including his place by Dee’s side.

 I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The cover for this the second book is pretty much the same as the first book just with a different pose and a new model, so still no improvement to the cover.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this book so much so I really thought I was going to give it more than the three but the more I went into the story the more I felt it was too rushed. The beginning was intriguing I found myself hooked, there was so much that had happened just in the short space of time it didn't give me time to feel bored. The second half of the book just felt like it dragged and I found myself bored. The romance side of the story was interesting in the beginning but in the end it felt all too rushed as really they hadn't even been in a relationship yes they where friends when they where younger but that wasn't for long and I felt she forgave him far too soon. I think the ending was rushed and that maybe if it was a full length novel then maybe this would have been a much more likeable book.

With this being a short novella I don't feel that we got to know each of the main characters well enough. Dee started of being such a funny and unique character even with everyone she loved left, however, in the end she got annoying and gave up everything for someone she didn't trust for most of the time. Jed started of a sweet guy but the adult Jed was a little annoying as he seemed to change his mind a lot. I would liked to have seen more from their friends as they all seemed better characters.

Overall, the beginning was really good and the end could have been just as good if it wasn't such a short novella.