17 July 2015

Book Review: Swimming to Tokyo by Brenda St. John Brown

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Spencer Hill Contemporary
Published: 28th July 2014
Pages: 235
Genre: YA/New Adult, Contemporary Romance, 
Main Characters: Zosia, Finn
Date Read: 28th June - 30th June 2015

Rating Given:
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The rules for swimming are simple:
Rule #1: There is no lifeguard on duty.
Since her mom died three years ago, nineteen-year-old Zosia Easton’s been treading water. Living at home. Community college. Same old Saturday nights. So when her father breaks the news he’s taken a job transfer—and by the way, it means renting out the house that’s been her refuge—a summer in Tokyo feels like it just might be a chance to start swimming again.
Rule #2: Beware of unexpected currents.
Finn O’Leary has spent God knows how many years trying to drown out his past. Juvenile detention. Bad decisions. Worse choices. He’s managed to turn it around – MIT, Dean’s List, a sexier-than-thou body with a smile to match – at least on the surface. When his mom asks him to spend the summer with her, Tokyo seems as good a place as any to float through the summer.
Rule #3: Swim at your own risk.

  I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I do like this cover as it's very summery exactly what you need for this time of year as well as it's also eye catching especially with the title. I may like this book but I think it's the wrong cover and title it didn't flow into the story.

I felt a little let down by this book because I was expecting more of the swimming involved into the story especially when the reason why I wanted to read it was because of the swimming as I am a huge lover of sports in the books I read at the minute. Once I was able to get over the non-swimming issue I was able to get into the story but not all the way through as there was a lot of moments that just bored me. As for the romance side of the story I just didn't feel it, there was times when I thought here we go but in the end I just didn't feel any spark between the characters more like best friends. The friend side of their relationship was cute and they was there for one another. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending it felt a little forced and not finished, I would've liked it to have gone a few years into the future as I don't believe in Zo and Finn as a couple so I would liked to have seen if they where actually still together and how they sorted through their issue's.

I actually liked the two main character as they both where fighters especially Finn as his childhood wasn't a good one and to still have a smile on your face is amazing. As friends they brought the best in each other but as a couple I wasn't a fan. There was a couple of secondary characters that I liked and would've liked to see more of especially Zo's Grandmother she was a great addition to the story. I didn't like Zo's Dad as he was such a hypocrite. He wasn't there for Zo when she needed him the most and then changes and doesn't want her seeing Finn. I also didn't like Finn's parents, his father was horrible the things he put Finn through unforgivable as for his Mum she just seemed to be background noise I don't feel as though she was needed in the story.

Overall if I didn't know about the synopsis and cover before hand I would have enjoyed it more than what I did do.