2 July 2015

Book Review: Three Girls and a Baby (Three Girls, #1) by Rachel Schurig

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Indie
Published: 7th July 2011
Pages: 269
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Chick Lit
Main Characters: Ginny, Annie, Jen
Date Read: 18th June - 20th June 2015

Rating Given:
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Synopsis:Fans of Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, Gemma Townley, and Emily Giffin will enjoy THREE GIRLS AND A BABY, a fun, romantic chick-lit novel by author Rachel Schurig.
Ginny McKensie's life is spiraling out of control. 
Finished with college, she should have been planning her wedding. After all, Ginny and Josh were made for each other—everyone said so. Except the love of her life didn't agree. 
Now Ginny is back in her hometown, unwillingly single, and stuck in a dead-end job. When she discovers she's pregnant, Ginny is convinced her life is ending. Instead of planning a future with Josh, she's learning the truth about morning sickness, juggling bills, and seeing just how far designer jeans can stretch.
Her life-plan never included dating again (not even with her too-hot new boss), or being a single mother at 23. Now, with the help of her best friends, Annie and Jen, Ginny must try to re-imagine—and rebuild—a life she never wanted.

I found this on Amazon for free so I thought I would give it a try and I'm glad I did...

I feel like the cover is a little too plain for my liking. The colours look a little muted and the images are only small so they don't stand out. The images are cute especially the pram but I would have liked it if they where a little bigger.

When I first started this book I didn't actually like it and if I wasn't reading it for a monthly challenge I may have stopped reading it but I'm glad I never as the further I went into the book the more I started to enjoy it. Even though there was a bit of romance the main focus was on the challenges of pregnancy/motherhood. I haven't read many books like this book and I'm not sure why because it was a light-hearted read that had me laughing out loud at times. It was the friendship between the three girls that made this book such an enjoyable read as they where there for one another even when they didn't agree with what they where doing. The ending for me was a little rushed and I would have liked a bit more from Ginny and her HEA especially as I'm not sure if they will stay together after everything that had happened between them. I know that we will see more from her in the next books but she won't be the main focus.

It was the main character Ginny that made me not want to read this book in the beginning as she was annoying and childish but I do feel like she really grew up throughout the book into a much more tolerable character. I liked that we got to see a lot of Annie and Jen as it will be there books next and with them being in this book I feel I have got a better understanding of them both. Josh wasn't really in the book that much but I still feel like we know a lot about him as Ginny would always go on about him making him seem like a genuine guy.

Overall once I got over the initial disliking of this book, I found it a fun and cute read that has me excited about reading the rest of this series as well as other series from Rachel Schurig.