27 June 2012

Book Cover: Nightshade

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

While looking for this weeks cover to talk about I thought I would look through the books that I have actually read which is where I found Nightshade. Although I didn't like the book enough to carry on with the series I loved this cover. While looking at Goodreads I found there was so many different covers for this book but this one has to be my favourite I think it's the American hardback version (plase let me know if I'm wrong).
This cover kind of reminds me of the Wicked Lovely book cover (although if I remember rightly this book is about wolves not faieries). If I was to pick a favourite out of the two books I would actually say Nightshade is my faourite and here's me thinking Wicked Lovely was one of my favourite covers. I think the reason why I like this one more is the lighter colours as they seem more eye catching. I love the little pop of yellow in the eye as well as a pop of red too all these colours work really well together.
I love the simplicity of the title but I would have prefered it to be a bit bigger as it seems to get lost with eveerything else that is going on in the cover. I do like the trialing blood from the title as with the font being small the trial of blood amonst the purple makes the title stand out that bit more than it would have.
I actually can't remember much of this book any more as it was a while since I read it but looking at this cover makes me want to give it another try just so I can have it on my bookshelf. I'm not sure if it ties in with the actual story apart from I think the lead character's name is Calla but for the first ime I don't care I love the cover and the other versions that do tie in with the story I don't actually like.