8 June 2012

Book Review: Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Format: Paperback (arc)
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: 2nd August 2012
Pages: 416
Main Characters: Celaena, Dorian, Chaol
Date Started: 3rd June 2012
Date Finished: 8th June 2012
Rating Given: ****

Blurb from Goodreads:

Celaena Sardothien is a daredevil assassin with unrivalled fighting skills. After a year’s hard labour in the salt mines of the kingdom of Adarlan, Celaena is offered her freedom on one condition—she must fight as handsome Prince Dorian’s champion in a contest sponsored by the king, facing the deadliest thieves and assassins in the land in a series of set-piece battles in the country’s stunning glass palace. But there is more at stake than even her life—for Celaena is destined for a remarkable future...

When I received an email from Bloomsbury asking if I wanted to review this and seeing as it is a Cinderella re-telling I jumped at the chance. When I started to read the book I wasn't too sure about it but by the end I was sold and I am really glad and thankful to Bloomsbury for giving me the chance to review it.

I am a huge fan of this cover which if you have seen a previous book cover post you will know how much I love this cover. I'm so glad that the story matches the cover so that now I can be happy when I buy a copy of this book I just need this cover on my bookshelf.

This is a debut novel by Sarah J. Maas and what a debut it is. I was drawn into the world that Maas has created so much so that I could picture all the surrounding vividly which doesn't happen and even if it does it's not as vivid as this book was. I am a huge fan of re-tellings and this book is no different even if it is loads different to Cinderella I still loved it and the way she was able to make me love these characters even more than the Cinderella story which I now find rather corny compared to this story. There was some names that I couldn't pronounce so I'm hoping there is a pronunciation guide in the final version of the book just so I know if I'm saying them right.

Yes this was a brilliant book but I did find it hard to get into at first but once I was in to it I was hooked as it's a very addicting story and one I am looking forward to continue. I love that there is a slight paranormal twist in there and I am sure there will be even more paranormal activity in the next book. I also loved the way that the action creeped into the story but then it built and built through out right until the end which then kept me gripped. There was also a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure which I loved as it kept me guessing right until the end but also some of it I am still guessing now that I have finished it.

The characters I loved some of the best characters that I have ever read. Celaena is definitely high on my best female character list as she is such a strong person who acts like some of my favourite male characters as she is also arrogant but then there is also a soft side to her which I like to see in a character. She is also stubborn and proud but she is also very funny as she seems to have a very witty sense of humour, some of the things she said or did had me laughing. Dorian I actually didn't like at first but by the end I loved him he was so sweet to Celaena even when she didn't deserve it. Chaol I loved from the moment we met him and I hope his hard exterior cracks even more in the next book. I really do feel so sorry for all these characters at different points and I have a feeling that is only going to get worse as to me it seems like someone is going to get their heart broken.

Overall a great addicting start to a series which I hope continues in the same way even if it was a slow start!