11 June 2012

Film Review: Dear John

Dear John

(May contain spoilers)

Director: Lasse Hallstom
Writers: Jamie Linden (Screenplay), Nicholas Sparks (Novel)
Stars/Characters: Channing Tatum/John, Amanda Seyfried/Savanah
Cinema Release Date: 14th April 2010
Date Watched: 10th June 2012
Rating Given: ****

I have not read this book not sure if I will ever read a Nicholas Sparks novels because if they are anything like the films then I will always be crying. Yes I know if I am able to watch the films then I should be alright with the books but with a film you can get all the heartbreak over in one sitting whereas in a book it would be over a few days if not more which I can't be doing with. This film was actually on the TV in the UK so I thought why not try it and I'm glad I did as I loved it.

I would have rated this a five star film and was thinking that right until the end and then I thought nooooo you can't end like that so I had to knock it down a star. I was not happy at all in the way in which it ended as for me it didn't really let me know what was going to happen I could kind of guess but I would rather be told.

I do love Channing Tatum and couldn't even think of anyone to play this role other than him but it is the kind of role we have seen him in many times before. There was a very touching scene with John and his father that had me in tears. I thought the chemistry between John and Savannah was sweet but not as believable as other on screen partners in other films.

This film was a bit predictable but I do love my romance films which usually are. It did leave me wanting more but not in a good way but it hasn't put me off wanting to watch it over and over again.