20 June 2012

Book Cover: Origin

Origin by Jessica Khoury

This book isn't actually out until the beginning of September but I thought I would talk about it anyways.
As soon as I saw this book I just knew it would be one for my wishlist and that was just from the cover and after reading the synopsis (click cover) it does sound interesting so I will read this book.
It is different to other covers with a person on the front as this time it's just the silhouette but in white which makes it stand out which could have been hard to do if it was in any other colour or even if you could see the actual person.
I love that the title is down the length of the silhouette has again it makes it stand out and your eye is immediately drawn to the title because of it. I like that it's not bold but has a futuristic look about it s it makes me wonder what time this book is set in.
I also love the background being all plants ad trees as it looks stunning and from the synopsis I know that this book is set in an Amazon Rain forest which I like the way it ties in with the cover.
Overall this is a stunning cover and I am hoping that the story is just as stunning.