23 June 2012

Book Review: I Am (Not) The Walrus

I Am (Not) The Walrus by Ed Briant

Format: e-arc
Publisher: Flux Books
Published: 8th July 2012
Pages: 288
Main Characters: Toby
Date Started: 17th June 2012
Date Finished: 21st June 2012
Rating Given: **

Blurb from Netgalley:

A quirky story about girls, love, and rock ‘n' roll
As the singer and bass player for Lucky Twenty, a Beatles cover band, Toby wants to make it big. But Zach, Toby's best friend and fellow band member, is convinced there's a problem: Toby's utter lack of mojo. How can he croon about love when he's never even kissed a girl?
So begins Toby's quest for cred as a lovestruck singer. But his quest derails when he finds a note inside his old bass guitar. Who is the true owner of the bass? And can a kiss really help Toby figure out who he is? 

I can't remember the exact reason why I wanted t read this book but I thought I best get it read soon and now I wish I never did as I found I was very disappointed.

The cover I love especially with it being simple yet still catches my eye. I never noticed the face outlines in the guitar until actually writing this review which I like that I can see something new each time I see the cover. This cover is eye catching and maybe one of the reasons why I wanted to read the book.

This is my first book written by Ed Briant but I'm not sure if I will read any more of them as Briant's style of writing is just not for me. I think maybe the reason why I couldn't get into this book is because it's not the kind of genre that I like as I prefer a bit of action and more romance in the books I read.

I really didn't get where the storyline was going through out this book as things would be happening that just wasn't believable. The beginning was very slow and hard to get into and as for the ending I was very disappointed in as it just ended without anything getting explained I felt it ended abruptly. I did find myself starting to like the book towards the end as loads of things started to happen but then it was over before it even begun.

With the characters I don't think we got to know them as good as what we could have done and with it being a stand alone book maybe it should have been longer so we got to know the characters a bit better. The main character Toby was a nice enough boy but he did seem depressed which I was surprised about as I expected him to be more fun. I didn't get his relationship with Michelle as it seemed to be glossed over which I was disappointed in as the first line of the blurb says the book is about love but I didn't get that kind of feeling between these two or any of the characters.

Overall this just wasn't the book for me.