11 July 2012

Book Cover: The Infernal Devices

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

  • Clockwork Angel
  • Clockwork Prince
  • Clockwork Princess
With the cover reveal late last night I thought I would talk about it and the others together in my Wednesday post about book covers that I love and this series is no exception.
I seem to love everything that Clare puts her mind too but I must admit this particular series is starting to over take her other series The Mortal Instruments I think this will all depend on how each of the series ends.
The covers for both the series are good but I think this series just tips it for me I'm not sure why as I would say that both series are similar. I think that it might be because of the clothing used in this one has a more elegant feel to it which definitely fits into the time period of which this series was written in.
I love the way in which they are all similar looking yet have noticeable differences at the same time. They all seem to be in different locations around London which I love that idea as it gives the story an actual setting.
Also there seems to be a bit of sandwich print of the locations and something else in the background which I do like but I do wish I could see what else was used in the background but that might just be because of the pictures that I have used I guess I should have looked at my books first.
I also love that they have used the different main characters for each book especially the two guys as they really do make me think that these two guys are Will and Jem which I am glad of as it gives me more of a visual of them and I love to be able to have people in mind for the characters. Although I love the cover for Clockwork Princess I do think that Tessa (I think that's who it's supposed to be), looks a bit smug which I don't think Tessa ever acts smug so I just can't picture this person as Tessa.
I love the background colours for each of the covers as they are subtle colours and I could imagine that these are the kind of colours that would be used in the 1800's. I also love the way that the book looks alight as it immediately draws my eye to it making me think what the significance it has to the story if any.
With the title's font I'm not sure as I like that it has been kept simple as it doesn't over power the rest of the cover but, I would have liked to have seen the title done in the style of writing that they would have used in the 1800's.
Overall I love the covers just as much as the books so I am hoping this will be said for the last book.
 Bring on 2013 is all I can say!

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  1. I absolutely loved the covers too! I think that they really look great together.