20 July 2012

Book Review: Burn

Burn by Heath Gibson

Format: e-arc
Publisher: Flux
Published: 8th August 2012
Pages: 264
Main Characters: William, Steven, Samantha
Date Started: 15th July 2012
Date Finished: 19th July 2012
Rating Given: **

Blurb from Netgalley:

William Tucker loves being a volunteer firefighter (maybe it's no coincidence that a pastor's son would enjoy saving people). And after he rescues his crush, Mandy Pearman, she undergoes a profound transformation for the better. In fact, it seems like a lot of good comes from the embers of tragedy in his small Alabama town. William may not be able to meet his father's expectations, force his mother to ditch the gin, or protect his gay brother, but for those who need a second chance at life, William isn't afraid to light the match-and become the hero the town needs.

I think when I first requested this book I thought it was going to be something completely different, well that teaches me not to read the synopsis.

The cover I love this is most likely the reason why I wanted to read this book as it looks so mysterious which is what I like my books to involve. I love the fire in the background as I think that fire can have some beautiful colours which is what this cover portrays. The cover is in keeping with the story but I wish the story was as intriguing as the cover sadly for me that wasn't the case.

This was the first time I had heard of Heath Gibson and although I am not a fan of this book I won't let it put me off reading his other books he might bring out in the future. I do like the fact that he wrote about some very strong issues but I do feel like they where glossed over maybe if he went into more depth I would have liked it a bit more.

I personally didn't like this book and my reason behind that was because I found that the next chapter had gone onto something completely different to what was being talked about at the end of the previous chapter and sometimes it was a different day with nothing being explained. When I read the last page of this book I was left I was left in complete shock not only with the way in which it ended but I felt nothing was cleared up I was more confused when I finished than while I was reading it.

The characters I'm not too sure on as sometimes I liked them and got where they was coming from and then other times I couldn't stand them. William or as he is better known as 'Wee Wee' is the male lead character is a small boy (hence the nickname) is a volunteer firefighter who just wants to be accepted. I do feel sorry for him as he has a lot he has to put up with but there was times when I thought he needed to understand where his brother was coming from. As for his brother Steven he seemed like a nice enough boy but I did feel he was a bit too pushy. Samantha seemed a bit angry to start with but by the end she did seem nice. Other characters I felt just went missing as they would be in the story but then they wouldn't be in it any more leaving me thinking what happened to them.

Overall I was left confused about what actually happened with the characters as well as the actual story but there was occasions when it was an alright book.