5 July 2012

Book Review: Blood Moon (Drake Chronicles #5)

Blood Moon (Drake Chronicles #5) by Alyxandra Harvey

(May contain spoilers)

Format: Paperback (arc)
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: 5th July 2012
Pages: 357
Main Character: Lucy, Solange, Nicholas
Date Started: 28th June
Date Finished: 4th July
Rating Given: ****

Blurb from Goodreads:

"I can still smell his blood, Lucy. I can smell it everywhere. It's in the grass, in the air, on me. I'm not safe."
When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, Solange Drake is plunged into a battle with her feral nature. The Drake brothers have been raised knowing they had to protect their younger sister at all cost. But forbidden magic and a mysterious stranger have put all of them in terrible danger.
Nicholas is going to have to make a difficult choice: between his girlfriend, Lucy, and his little sister, Solange - blood or love?

I was asked by Bloomsbury if I wanted to review this book and with it being one of my favourite series I jumped at the chance. I just needed to finish the other books first! Thank you to Bloomsbury for giving me the chance to review this latest book in the Drake Chronicles series as I wasn't disappointed.

This one seems to be a bit different to the others although it still has a black background this one has a lot more colour in it and I actually prefer it this way as it looks more creepy. This one is very much in keeping with the actual book as like I said it's creepy and sinister which I would say most of the book is that way inclined.

This book picks up right from where it was left in the previous book which I liked as with some books they begin a couple of months down the line and then they have to keep going back to what had happened in those missing months. With this book it seemed more sinister than any of the other Drake books with hardly any funny parts that we have come to expect in this series that being said there couldn't really be any funny things said with everything that was happening, and trust me when I say there was a lot happening. There is also a huge cliffhanger that has made me more anxious about the next book.

This time around we went back to the point of views of Lucy, Solange and Nicholas which I loved as I always missed Nicholas when it was the other Drake brother's turn. I loved the chemistry between Lucy and Nicholas I could read about there relationship all day long and not get bored as they are so sweet together and funny although not so much in this book. Lucy was getting on my nerves a little bit in Bleeding Hearts but in this book she was back to her brilliant ways. We did see a more vulnerable side to her in this book which I loved to see as it made her more human. Nicholas was just as good as he was in all the other books, he is one of my favourite brothers. Like Lucy we also got to see a more vulnerable side to him which made me feel for him. As for Solange I didn't really like her for most part of the book and when it was her chapter I found myself rushing through it to get back to Lucy or Nicholas, but by the end I think I understand more about why she was acting the way she was.

After I finished this book there was a little short story about how Helena and Liam got together which I absolutely loved I would love to her more about these two before they became the parents. There relationship actually reminded me of Lucy and Nicholas as they had a bit of banter but you could tell they had feelings for one another.

Overall I really enjoyed this book but I did miss the humour that we had in the previous book.