10 October 2012

Book Cover Talk: Mystic City

This week's book cover that I am talking about is...

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

I say this nearly every week but it's the same with this book as all of the others that from the moment I saw this cover I fell in love with it. It's one of those cover that made me put the book on my wishlist the moment that I saw it and I am so glad that Corgi Publishers sent me a finished review copy and I have just started it.
The actual book cover looks even better than the picture I didn't think that was even possible.
I love the way it looks mystical so that it fits into the title of the book as well they have also put in the city behind the girl which I love. The city backdrop you can't really see on the picture as much as you can the physical book but let me tell you it looks stunning. It does look 3D which gives it a realistic look but with the transparency being faint it looks like a projection which gives it a futuristic feel to the cover. Although I'm not certain of this but I think that the book is set in the future but having only read the first chapter I am not 100%certain.
I love the muted colours but then the backdrop looks like an actual city all lit up it looks so pretty.
There are a lot of book with a profile of one of the characters and this one is no exception but because of the backdrop and then her hair this cover really does stand out. I love the hair it's my favourite part of the book as it looks like her hair is smoking I find it very eye catching. What I find a bit strange is the fact that the girl is solid up top but when you look closer at the hands it looks a bit transparent like the buildings whether that is deliberate I'm not sure.
I think my least favourite part of the cover is the font of the title as it's a little bit too plain for my liking but that isn't a huge deal as when I look closer I can see a light curve but compared to the rest it doesn't stand out. Also I don't like the composition of the title as it hides some of the hair/smoke.