27 January 2013

Book Review: Blood and Snow (Blood and Snow #1) by RaShelle Workman

Format: Kindle Book
Publisher: Polished Pen Press
Published: 6th June 2012
Pages: 53
Main Characters: Snow,
Date Read: 24th - 25th January 2013
Rating Given:
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Blurb from Goodreads:

Snow White lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her dad, stepmother, and her cat, Gatsby. Her entire life she's been teased for her fairy tale name, and the fact that her seven best friends happen to be guys whose names begin with the same letters as the seven dwarves.

Everything changes two months before her sixteenth birthday. She's bitten by The Hunter, and transformed into a revenant--not quite human, not quite vampire.

I found this book on the Amazon Kindle freebie and I thought that it sounded good enough to give it a try and with it only being a short book I thought that it would be a nice quick read and I do love a fairytale re-telling.

As well as liking the sound of the title the cover really drew me into wanting to read the book as I think it's very eye catching.

With this only being a series of short books this really does need to capture your interest straight away which it kind of did but it did take awhile to actually get to the point of the story which was a shame but maybe the next book will be better. I loved the idea of having the re-telling involving vampires but I did feel disappointed with the vampire side not coming until very close to the end. Instead of a book I felt like it was one long chapter just getting us introduced to everything and everyone.

I didn't feel like we had a good enough introduction to some of the characters. Snow White seemed nice but I don't think there was much to her character as of yet. Her seven best friends I really liked as they were funny and I would like to get to know them a bit better. Another friend of Snow was Cindy who I didn't really like she seemed a little too selfish but I'm hoping that will change in the next few books.

Overall I did like it I just felt it needed to be a bit longer so things would get explained a bit better.