2 January 2013

Book Review: Ruby Blue (Ruby Blue #1) by Julie Cassar

Format: Kindle
Publishers: Self Published
Published: 3rd February 2012
Pages: 233
Main Characters: Ruby
Date Started: 27th December 2012
Date Finished: 31st December 2012
Rating Given:

Blurb from Goodreads:

Meet Ruby. She’s your average (somewhat dorky) ice-cream eating, garden-loving teenager, who is constantly being annoyed by her little brother, is best friends with possibly the only Goth kid in town and, oh yeah…she sees fairies.

After Nick Martino (possibly the hottest guy she’s ever known) finally asks her out, she can barely manage a two-word sentence when a bizarre incident strikes their lakeside town.Stumbling bare-foot through some interesting dates, will she ever find love? And what does Ruby do when more strange events continue to occur? Will she keep her gift of Fairy Sight a secret? As an ancient myth unfolds and new mystic fairy tales come to life, Ruby and her menagerie of friends tackle some extraordinary circumstances with her very ordinary abilities in this modern day fairy tale. See what legends come to life in “Ruby Blue,” a young adult fantasy fiction novel and the first installment of the Ruby Blue series.


I had wanted to read this book for awhile now so when it was Amazon for free I jumped at the chance to read it and for the most part it was good.

I love the texture of the cover but I have no idea what it is so I don't know whether it ties in with the actual story but apart from that I love the cover.

I did like this book but for me there just wasn't enough happening and if it hadn't mentioned the fairies at the beginning I would have thought this was more of a contemporary romance rather than paranormal. It wasn't until closer to the end when the paranormal was more of a focus as there was magic and dragons which I enjoyed more of that aspect of the story. I did find it a bit too predictable for my liking as I just knew what was going to happen although I didn't mind the predictability of the story. The romance wasn't very believable as I just didn't see the chemistry and I just felt it was a bit too mundane. I am sure the next book will be better as there was some brilliant parts in this one.

Ruby seemed nice enough, I could imagine her as your typical 17 year old. Ruby's brother Leo seemed funny but very much a child and I did like there relationship as it was funny and again I could imagine a typical relationship between brother and sister. Ruby's fairy friends Anya and Brennan also seemed nice but I felt Brennan was very similar to Leo although there was times when he acted much older. I didn't really feel like we got to know Anya as much as Brennan she just seemed to be the sensible one. Jeremy seemed okay but there was times when he annoyed me and he didn't always seem like a very good friend. Then there was Nick and like Anya I didn't feel like we got to know him that well but i have a feeling we will see more from each of these characters.

Overall it was a good book but I didn't feel as though it was that entertaining and also I thought it was a bit immature. I will read the next book as I hope the series will get better and better as they go along.