31 January 2013

Changing Covers #11

Hi everyone welcome to my new weekly feature which all about covers that change either in the middle of the series or even when the series had finished. (The covers will mainly be UK changes but also from the USA.) I decided to do this feature as there has been so many cover changes it's hard to keep up.
I am not sure if anyone has done this particular feature so feel free to let me know so I can start linking it up to them. It is similar to other features that are out there but I'm hoping that this is different enough.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

US (HB)         UK (HB)               UK(PB)
With these cover changes I'm not so sure I have a favourite as they are all beautiful in their own way and I don't think any of them should have been changed.
Usually here in the UK the books usually go straight to paperback so I was surprised when I saw the hardback copy and I didn't actually know until I went on Goodreads that this wasn't the hardback the US had.
I love the colours on each of the covers, I love the blue against the black and white on the US cover but I also love the purple tones on the UK hardback (which looks even better up close) and I also love the red on the UK paperback copy as it adds a bit of danger.
What you can't tell on the UK paperback copy is that there is more detail in the actual cover that you can't see properly but let me tell you it looks effective.
I also love the font of each of the titles although the two UK covers are pretty much the same but the US cover is different and I love the Daughter Of part of the font as it looks elegant.
I have no idea if any of these covers are tied into the actual story as I haven't read the book yet but that will change soon as I have a copy of the paperback copy which again looks better in person.
So that's my thoughts on these cover changes, let me know in the comments below of your thoughts on these covers.