23 September 2011


There is three book out in this series however I loved these two more than the last as it just does not have the same feel to it especially the background in which you could tell it was fake and it didn't look as dramatic as these do.
I prefer Torment over Fallen which I think is because I love the colours although if I was to choose out of the actual story it would be Fallen.
I love the way that the in Torment the main focus well to me anyway is the dress as it takes up all the frame and it adds texture to the image. Whereas in Fallen I love the way the main focus is the background and I think that is because it has a darker feel to it and with the tree's it adds the texture. I think I just love texture in images so it draws my eye to it if there is any texture in the image.
I hope the fourth book cover is better than the third one!


  1. I've just gotten Fallen :) I was a bit dissapointed with the first one, but every one says the second ones really good :)

    Love your blog by the way! And thanks again for the RAK :)

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  2. I actually prefered the thirds story even though I dont like its book cover. I was actually disappointed with the second as I loved the first.
    Thank you and thanks for mine :)
    I already started following your blog before I messaged you about the RAC its great by the way :)