28 September 2011

Shiver Series

The Shiver series is another of my favourite book covers with the first one Shiver being my favourite out of the bunch. I love the slight difference in each of them but keeping the overall feel of it the same. I also think that it does this showing the actual trees in the second one rather than the branches gives it a different look yet also keeping it similar. With the third one it kind of combines them both which maybe is to show that it is complete which the third one is the end so it makes sense to do in this way.
In a way it is similar to the Hush Hush series of book covers as in these are also black and white but in a more literal sense with a hint of red.
The reason why I love the first one the most is because it looks more dramatic with the background colour being black. With Linger having the background colour being white it looks incomplete and it doesn't have the same edge as the first one does. Linger is my least favourite of the three because it looks a bit too sparse but even so I still love it which could be because I love black and white together. I wish the third one didn't add any more colour to it as it makes it look a lot more different to the other two.
I do prefer these the UK versions over the USA book covers. There reason why I prefer the UK ones is because they have kept the books the same colour and I think they look more dramatic but this could be me being biased as like I have said before I do love Black and White together. They have kept the overall layout the same as the UK ones but in the US ones they add people and werewolf to each which I like better as then you know more about what the book is about.


  1. Is the font in the UK black or another color? The font in the US ones is the same color as the covers.

  2. On the top of my head I think they are black but have the pattern on the inside as well